Finally! Your Orlando SEO crew at Get The Clicks are so happy with the recent adwords changes that have been taking place all month. One of the earliest changes had to do with ad campaigns for mobile.

You see, not too long ago, Adwords managers had to create ads for regular pc and desktop devices and then a separate entire account for ones towards mobile users. Thankfully due to the genius of Google, this is now a thing of the past.

Why the shift? If you do not know that mobile usage is projected to be the 1st choice in how people surf the web in the next decade then you my friend, are a bit outdated. Never fear, this is why we love writing these blog posts!

Do not run to your ad campaigns just yet, these mobile Adwords are not called “mobile Adwords” these are now called “Enhanced Campaigns”. With enhanced campaigns, you will be able to show ads across many devices with the right ad text, sitelinks, apps or extensions, without having to edit each campaign for every possible combination of devices, location and time of day.

Simply press on the field that asks for you to upgrade to enhanced campaigns and voila! The way the bidding works is that it is chosen from percentage that you set based upon the regular cpc amount. So for example: if you have a keyword you placed a Cost Per Click (cpc) bid for $5, then you will have the opportunity to also assign the enhanced cpc to be higher or lower by let’s say, 20%.

The system is quite easy to use and intuitive and makes the whole process of creating campaigns, ads and etc for accounts so much easier and streamlined. Many more changes have come about which I will continue to blog about every few day, so stay tuned!

Your ads will all be affected greatly by all of these changes so stay in the loop. You can stay up to date with the latest by subscribing to the Pay Per Click category of our blog for Get The Clicks.

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