How Display Ads are Beneficial to Marketing Needs

When determining how to create advertisements for marketing online, there are a number of strategies a marketing department can take, but determining which provides the best return on investment can be confusing to understand. To help eliminate some of the confusion, we have created a guide to display ads and what exactly makes them beneficial to marketing.

1. Build Trust

Customers want to do business with a brand and company they believe in. The more online marketing your department is able to do, the more likely your potential customers will see your name and believe in the product or service that you sell. Display advertising is a perfect example of this.

When they consistently see your advertisements on company website’s that they already trust they are more likely to trust you. When your name becomes more and more recognizable, they may follow through and make a purchase.

2. Target a Specific Location

With display ads, you can set them to appear only in a particular city or area. That can be extremely beneficial to local companies who don’t need to market on a national level. If you only provide a service to a particular neighborhood, such as food delivery, or only have a physical location in one city, creating targeted display ads for that city can help bring in local customers.

3. Low Cost

Display ads are relatively cheap to create and can be placed for a low cost, making them a great option for small business and mom and pop shops that might not have a huge marketing budget.

Unlike more traditional forms of advertisement, like in magazines, TV, or radio, there are hundreds and hundreds of places to place an advertisement online. While there is still competition over the spots on the most popular websites, competition isn’t as steep as it would be in a traditional setting. This makes the cost to place an advertisement cheaper and opens the door for new companies to advertise their products and services.

4. Track Your Efforts

When you send out a traditional form of advertisement, like in a magazine or through a TV commercial, it can be extremely difficult to track and determine how well your efforts are working. But thanks to tracking services like Google Analytics, creating a display ad can help you see how well your advertisements are resonating with your customers.

Display ads allow you to track how many people are clicking on your ads, how long they are staying on your webpage after following through from your ad, and what they are doing once they arrive to your page.

If you’re deciding if a display ad is the right form of marketing for your particular company, project or services, consider what your overall goals of the campaign are. A display ad can be extremely beneficial to certain marketing needs and aspects, but you just want to be sure they are posted in the most effective way.

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