After reading through the history and subsequently the advantages of PCI compliance, you’ve probably got a good understanding of what it is. However, the question of implementation remains. In this final part of the series, we will show you how you can make use of all of the previous information and ultimately come out on top as a compliant business that markets itself as such.

Marketing the Concept of Compliance

I am absolutely of the belief that you should market the fact that you are compliant. As a matter of fact, I believe you can charge for the extra security. Create an icon/ badge that states you are compliant. Link the badge to a page on your website explaining what it means to be compliant. Link this to your Privacy Policy and Terms/Conditions pages. Show consumers you are a transparent organization by readily displaying ALL contact information on your contact page. Make sure that this information matches the whois data of your domain name registration. As a matter of fact, that even helps you with your SEO efforts, because Google will look at these measures and provide you with a higher level of trust allowance.

Show your customers you are not just a “run of the mill” operation, but a company that cares about the well-being of its customers. Marketing the Concept of Compliance is not a “telling” story, it’s a “showing” story. You are showing your customers that you have taken every precaution because you care. Don’t be afraid to share with your consumers how you secure their data, not just on the website, but also with your staff and office. Leverage the use of testimonials showing that your visitors feel safe and are happy with the systems you have put in place to protect them. We are going after the warm and fuzzy feeling, which appeals to many consumers, especially women.

Consider the concept of Reputation Management. Would you go to a medical professional if the reviews were terrible? Would you trust your children to a day care facility if reviews told you to beware? Would you take your car to a new mechanic when his online reviews reveal that he is a rip-off. Of course you wouldn’t. Do you think you are immune from a bad review? Trust me, you are not. Thus Use a plethora of positive reviews to hedge against the inevitable bad review that will come sooner or later. positive reviews to hedge against the negative one. Use your compliance to ask for positive reviews. It is worth its weight in gold.

We hope that our series has helped you to see the advantages and uses of PCI compliance. In fact, if Google did not believe that trust was an important factor, then they wouldn’t use it as a ranking factor. When it comes to taking card holder information, compliance should not be something you’ll consider doing in the future, it should be something that you put at the top of your list. Your marketing depends on it. Don’t let your company down.

Did you miss any part of our series? You can find part one here, and the second entry can be found here. After you put all of this information together you’ll be thanking yourself for doing so, and you’ll want to make sure you’re PCI compliant.

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