Get The Clicks has been brewing with excitement at our Orlando SEO office headquarters with all the latest information released from Google. A product called Google Glass had been announced last year that would change the scope of user interactivity and internet connection.

So what is Google Glass you ask? Google Glass is a head-mounted display (head set type device) that is able to display information in a smart phone-like manner that allows you to truly offer a real time experience using the internet utilizing this hands free device. The device connets via Bluetooth or 3G or 4G feeds.

One of the questions many have asked is if it will be compatible with android and I-phone, and it will be so no worries there.

This eyewear is the future of gadgetry as we know it and by all the amazing videos posted on the internet y Google on where one can use this headset, the possibilities are endless. Everything from filming a skydiving experience, to taking real time photographs during a ceremony, to searching for information while simultaneously taking a walk are now possible, and hands free.

Safety comes to mind when many of the functions one would perform normally manually can now be done completely hands free.

Google Glass was projected to be made available in 2014 but recently it was announced that the release was going to be moved up until the end of 2013 (right around holiday season).

The headset is a bit pricey. A Google Glass will run around $1,500 for regular consumers. If you are interested in being one of the first to try Google Glass there is a short application process one must complete in order to secure their product.

A couple downfalls currently of the Glass device is that the voice control is still a bit slow to function making it a bit frustrating for users who wants an instant result. In addition the slow data connectors add to this impediment.
Google has announced that it will make monthly updates to fix this once the device is available.

What do you think of Goggle Glass? Would you use it? Let us know by commenting below here on the Get The Clicks Orlando SEO Blog.

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