Many of you may know that we like to have fun while we work and we rarely brag about our accomplishments, but we’ll make an exception this time.

In January of this year, Get The Clicks had been selected by Wells Fargo bank to be the exclusive company to handle a complete business make-over (think Extreme Make-over Home Edition, only for a business) of a local AC contractor, North Pole HVAC.  The entire show was filmed locally and produced by a LA production company.  On May 1st the project officially aired and has now made it onto the Yahoo Small Business News portal.

Thanks to the hard work of the Clickster team, we are happy to report that our client is very quickly building a thriving business. If you are interested in submitting your business to the Well Fargo Works project and have us work with you on a complete business make-over, visit

Stay tuned for more updates down the road.

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