Another Google Local Update Is On Its Way!
Keeping you up to date on the latest information is not only beneficial to you, but it’s beneficial to us when trying to explain our job.
With this being said, Google is at it again; finding new ways to engage the SEO competition, and what seems to be confirmed is that ads are coming to the Local Pack. Currently for most local SERPS, you have a set of 1-5 ads, 3 local listings, then a handful of organic listings


Google is starting to roll out pay per click advertisement in the local pack, in addition to the ones that already display immediately below the search bar. There are two scenarios for this addition currently being tested. 1. The Ad will be an additional listing, leaving the other 3 business still in the local pack, OR 2. This ad will REPLACE one of the companies listed there. If this scenario comes to fruition, only the top 2 companies that earned a spot in the local pack will be listed, the 3rd will have paid to be there.

What this means for SEO companies is more work, better strategies, and tougher competition.
This new change doesn’t intimidate us here at Get The Clicks. We know Google’s algorithm is always changing, but it does reiterate the fact that SEO doesn’t work in a vacuum and there are always challenging changes that are updating in the web-world. Keeping on top of Google’s changing ways is a large part of the job and we make sure we are one of the firsts to know about what’s going on. We just like to remind our clients that there isn’t a set of tasks that once completed will land them on the first page. The only thing that will get them there is our hard work and their patience and trust.

Google has yet to go live with this new change, as it seems they are still working out the details, but we wanted to make you aware of what’s to come. Stay tuned for more information coming your way!

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