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So, you found us.

You found us in a sea of other options; certainly some better than others.

You are visiting our website and considering spending your hard-earned money with us.

Even more important

You are thinking about spending your time trying to figure out if we are the best solution for your needs.

The thing is:

The only thing you can’t make more of is time. So you are going to want to spend it wisely.

You want to invest your time with people you believe are not going to waste it.
You want to work with people you can Trust and are Passionate about what they do.

In an industry filled with charlatans and false promises you are gun shy to pull the trigger with yet another company that may or may not deliver.

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Trust me……

When I tell you over the last ten years we have seen and heard some astounding stories.

We have seen frustrated customers waste their money and time on companies who have delivered absolutely nothing

These companies stole their money and their time.


The one thing I’m not going to do here is waste either of that. The fact that you are spending the time reading this, I want to make it worth your while.

We Believe:

You want to work with people who share your passion of growing a great company.

People who understand you, People who can relate to your challenges

We look for clients ourselves who share a common bond of wanting to deliver great solutions.

Matt Fenoff

“I’ll answer your questions.”

Matt Fenoff

Account Strategist at Get The Clicks since 2013

Jen Wheeler

“I’ll stop your frustration.”

Jennifer Wheeler

Digital Planner at Get The Clicks since 2011.

In our case, we believe in delivering those solutions in a Simple & Transparent way that makes it easy for you to understand what we are doing.

You see:

Over the last decade, in working with many successful, and some unsuccessful businesses, we have learned what it takes to make a business thrive.

We have had the pleasure of working with some incredibly smart people who worked with amazing brands.

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Starbucks Corporation Logo
Wendy's logo
Starbucks Corporation Logo

These folks have shown us what these big brands do to be successful,

and we have taken their insight to build a digital marketing system based on proven business principles.

0We take their knowledge, learn from it, and put it into a system to help you grow.

I don’t want to waste your time,

nor do I want to waste your money.  Honestly, I don’t want to waste our time or money either.


  • If you are at a point where you are done with guessing-games
  • You are done with unanswered phone calls
  • You are done with just being another number
  • You are done with people who just want to suck you dry

If you believe there is a better way, then:

I’d like to invite you to learn more about a simple, effective, plan administered by experienced people who genuinely care about your success.

I invite you…

To the world of reverse-engineered marketing by Get The Clicks.

S Boehringer

Stephan Boehringer

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