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How comfortable would you be if you knew the stewardess was flying the airplane? Would you take marriage advice from Larry King (For our younger audience, Larry King was a CNN talk show host who had been married eight times).

Your website is the cornerstone of your online presence. You don’t skimp on it, because for many people it is the first impression of your company, and you know that saying about first impressions… It’s very true.

Web design is an art. It’s a creative process that should be left to professionals who know how to send a message of differentiation and trust. Building a website that looks good, but doesn’t accomplish a desired goal, doesn’t make a great deal of sense. It’s like dating your sister. It doesn’t matter how pretty she is, you just don’t do it!

When building your website, please:

clicks-working-processTake time to write great content. Nothing is worse than boring content that has nothing to give.

Understand that people will engage with you through images, not copy. Do not use canned images. They look cheesy and people will know you haven’t invested much thought into your site.

Use copy to provide knowledge. If someone takes the time to actually read a page, he or she is genuinely interested in your information. Provide concise knowledge.

Truly differentiate. On the web, you are a commodity. You need to find an iron-clad reason why someone should work with you. If there is nothing ultra-unique about you, then your only differentiator can be price.

Your website is a sales tool, not a marketing tool. Marketing happens before someone gets to your site. Selling begins the moment they are on your site.

Sell them on you, not your service. Remember, people buy with emotion and then justify the purchase with logic.

Don’t be afraid to be an outlier. Look at our website. Some may call us borderline inappropriate. Make the website easy to understand & navigate. Work with a web developer that understands web marketing and will build your website so it can be properly optimized.

Check references. There are so many hacks in this industry.

We talk about additional principles in our web design workshops, but this list is a great start.