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Monday, April 21, 2014

Force Factor Explained

There are times when we literally amaze ourselves. Back in the web’s stoneage, circa 2006, we started thinking about a new way of working with clients and marketing their businesses. We thought for a very long time. (*Jeopardy music playing) Then in 2009, we finally had our thoughts collected and decided to put our plan into action. The CLICKS Virtual Marketing Management System was born.


Clicks Marketing System



We could have stopped there, but someone told us something about resting on laurels. Not sure how that saying went, but we decided, if Google can make an algorithm (fancy nerd talk for a calculation to figure something out), so can we.


The Birth of a Legend

In 2011, Tadahhh…..the Clicks Force Factor was brought to life…..muahahaha (miserable fail at evil genius laugh attempt)….this ingenious Force Factor, or FF as we Clicksters like to call it, is designed to be highly unique. It looks at your specific business situation, wraps itself around your needs and evaluates the supply and demand of your product with laser-sharp precision. It also stares fear (your competitors) in the face, laughs at danger, and paints a big red bullseye on the buttocks of those who dare to compete with you. On the weekend it goes skydiving and car racing with its other algorithm friends.

How Does This Help You?

We know you are on the edge of your seat right now, as all of this is extremely exciting, especially when the FF calculation concludes with a profound two decimal number. Yes, a magnificent two decimal number brilliantly appears out of thin air, much like a fairy godmother, and sweetly whispers to us in our sleep. Actually, it doesn’t talk at all and none of us ever sleep. It just stares at us like a British Head Master who just caught us making out with the new girl, demanding of us to get back to work. The good news is that this simple number tells us how hard it will be to market your business. Lucky you!

Moving on. While we like to brag about our incredible smarts (and amazing good looks), we have been sworn to secretcy of how it works. If we spill the beans, we have been told that we will lose all playstation privileges for at least two days. Thus we can’t tell you anything (Grand Theft Auto awaits), eeeexcept that it’s really cool, oh….and this:

The Clicks Force Factor

  • Evaluates the demand for your product or services
  • Reviews your overall market area (local, national, international, etc)
  • Calculates the total number of competing pages for your product or service
  • Eats lunch at Gino’s on Tuesdays
  • Looks at the number of viable keywords we optimize you for
  • Analyzes the strength of the top competitors
  • Assesses the age of your web presence
  • Wants to go on a date with your daughter
  • Does something cool with your social presence (monitors social sharing, likes, blah blah)
  • And so much more…

Dominating Madness!

Why create such world-dominating madness? Simple, we are evil geniuses (aaaaaand it puts more coin in your pocket). Our unique approach also removes the need for packages and allows us to completely adapt to your specific business needs & budget. You won’t pay for unnecessary crap. You only pay for the things you really need. Our proposals provide you with a range of Force Factor options allowing us to work within your marketing budget, while setting realistic expectations as to when we are able to achieve quality Google results. <-- that="" s="" code="" for="" page="" 1="" p="">

Are you ready for world domination? Let’s light the fires and kick the tires!


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